• Pure Yoga goes “Live on Facebook”…

    Pure Yoga goes “Live on Facebook”…

    Now that the studio in Macclesfield is temporarily closed, we are absolutely thrilled that we can still connect with you all through our Facebook group, where we share LIVE yoga classes for you to enjoy from your home!

    To be able to continue to offer them regularly, we need your help. A lot of you are asking how you can do this and support the sharing of yoga in these times.

    You can contribute with the following:

    £5 suggested donation per class taken – if you feel you got more (or less) from the session you can make donation accordingly, also if you are struggling financially (as we are).

    £20 suggested donation per week of classes – this works well for those who will join us for 4 or more classes, and it will help you to motivate you to practice your yoga!

    We are offering classes at 10 and 6 pm from Monday to Friday, 10 am on Saturday and Special sessions on Sunday.

    We will be able to see who attends classes and we will be able to say hi to each other, you can also leave comments, questions and communicate with us in real time.

    The bank details where you can make the donations are:

    Pure Yoga Cheshire – Sort Code: 089299 – Account Number 69775596

    You can just send us a quick message to let us know that you have paid.

    Thank you very much, from the bottom of our heart!