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Yoga, Movement and Kirtan with James Boag

 Sunday 19th November 2017 14:00-18:30

Broad Spectrum, Whole Life Yoga: Movement and Kirtan Explorations with James Boag

14:00-16:00 Yoga and the Next Movement: Recreation and Evolution: Bringing yogic principles of balance and sustainability to broader spectrum movement.

In this yogic movement workshop/playshop we will first use yoga principles to explore how we can cultivate healthy neuro-muscular patterns and efficient kinetic chains through the body. This will include working with yoga postures ‘actively’, against gravity, inspired particularly by the work of hatha yoga teacher Simon Borg Olivier. We will then explore these principles through a broader spectrum of movement to invite greater vitality, presence and rejeuvenation, inspired particularly by Movement teacher Ido Portal.

16:30 – 18:30 Kirtan: Yoga and the Power of Sound: Call and response singing and chanting with James Boag

The yoga tradition offers myriad tools we can work with to cultivate integration and recover our innate capacities for deep presence and sustainable wellbeing. These include many sound-based techniques and practices. The extraordinary visionaries and research scientists of the ancient yoga tradition recognised the pervasive, penetrative power of sound and how the readily accessible resources of our own voices can be harnessed to foster harmony through the whole of our being.

The call and response singing and chanting of kirtan, is simple, yet powerful, cleansing and uplifting. James will also speak briefly about kirtan, Sanskrit as an energy-based language, the symbolism and effects of the words we use in the practice, and how kirtan relates to other practices and paths of yoga.

Everyone welcome! Do not worry if you are not a virtuoso singer. The joy and practical benefits of yoga are open to everyone.

Investment: £18 per workshop – £30 for both. Deposit required to secure your spot. Payment accepted cash, cheque, paypal, bank transfer. Contact us on [email protected] or phone 07909 144414

About James

Originally from Yorkshire, James teaches yoga and applied yoga philosophy globally.

James is known for his storytelling, his rich kirtans, deep meditations, principle-based approach to asana and movement, and for bringing the timeless wisdom of the traditional scriptural teachings vividly into the context of our lives today. He has been teaching for over twenty years, teaching yoga since 2003 and leading integrated programs on applied yoga philosophy around the world since 2009. He regularly returns to Mysore in South India where he completed his MA in Sanskrit, to lead courses on the Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras and Indian Mythology.

Check out James’ courses on the Yoga Sutra-s, Yoga Mythology and the Bhagavad Gita on www.yogaanytime.com, use code JAMESBOAG for 30 days free access.

19 November
Sunday @ 10:12 am - 10:12 am


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    19th November @ 10:12 am
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