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Yin Yoga & Live Music with Karen & Siward

Sunday 6th of September 2015 – 17:30 to 19:30


Join us for a deeply restorative Yin Yoga class with Karen accompanied by Siward on guitar, flute and harmonium.

Enjoy Yin poses infused with sound, beautiful melodies, and heart melting mantra and bhajans to enhance your yoga practice and open the body to deep healing.

Experience  deep release and relaxation during this restorative yoga offering, tailored to calm your mind, and bring you into a deep meditative state.

Yin Yoga allows us to slow down and practice mainly sitting postures that gently work on the connective tissues of the hips, thighs and lower spinal area.  These types of postures do not involve the muscles (as in traditional forms of yoga) but they act on the bone and joints areas of the body. Yin postures also act on the energy meridian of the body, refreshing and toning up the digestive, excretory, circulatory and respiratory systems.Yin Yoga focuses on releasing and letting go aiding physical, energetic, mental and emotional flexibility. In this session we delve a little deeper as we let the power of live sounds penetrate within our Self with live music and Mantra. Do not miss this unique experience with Karen and Siward!

Read more about Karen and Siward – Chalisa Yoga:

My yoga path as a practitioner and teacher has been inspired by a wide gamut of styles including Sivananda, Scaraveli, Viniyoga, Qigong and Yin Yoga. Teaching yoga for nearly 10 years to a wide cross section of students from children to students in their 90’s, my classes are a  mindful synthesis of both static and flowing postures and sequences that ultimately cultivate healing and deep body/breath awareness.

My passion is Yin Yoga, a profound practice that emphasizes long-held but passive poses which enhance flexibility in the joints and instill lightness and grace in the body.

My partner Siward is a professional musician specialising in guitar, harmonium and flute. Siward has travelled and studied extensively in India and was urged to follow this path with the inner guidance of his guru. We are both practicing Bhakti yogis. The synthesis of Yoga and Mantra opens the body to the breath of the heart and a deep awakening as the ancient sounds penetrate the hard to reach areas of the body namely those closest to the spine allowing us the opportunity for deep healing both physically and emotionally.

Cost: £20

For more information and bookings please contact [email protected] or phone 07909144414 – Limited spaces so please book your spot as soon as you can.

06 September
Sunday @ 2:27 pm - 2:27 pm


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    6th September @ 2:27 pm
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    6th September @ 2:27 pm
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