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Singing bowl workshop and Yoga & Sound experience 2017

Introduction to singing bowls workshop + Mindful yoga practice and a sound bath experience with Szilvia Bajada-Gardian

*Do you enjoy sound baths and you would like to learn more about how they work?
*Have you always wanted to try playing a singing bowl but never had the chance?
*Do you own a singing bowl and you would like to get ideas on how to use it at home?
*Or are you just looking for a pleasant, interesting and relaxing day with yoga & sound?

This workshop day is ideal for anyone who would like to deepen their experience and knowledge of sound relaxation with singing bowls.
Suitable for all levels, no experience required.

The workshop will consist of 2 sections:

PART 1 – from 2.30 to 4.30 pm: Introduction to Himalayan Singing bowls. £25

Learn about the origin of singing bowls and their therapeutic effect. Play a singing bowl and try different sounding techniques. Deepen your experience with the help of interactive exercises.
• The origin, history and composition of Himalayan singing bowls and how are they made
• Characteristics of singing bowls and mallets
• How do they work? Learn about, and experience, the effect of the singing bowls’ sound
• Learn and practice singing bowl playing techniques
• How to use your singing bowl at home for yourself or for your family
• How to choose, buy and clean your singing bowl.

PART 2 – from 5 to 7.30 pm:  A Pampering Yoga & Sound Bath experience £15

Invite your awareness into this session with a short relaxation and a simple breathing exercise. Szilvia will guide you through some gentle yoga poses which will help you open your body and mind. This practice is designed to effortlessly ease you into a state of relaxation so that you can fully absorb the positive effects of the sound bath. Enjoy the relaxing, energising and harmonious vibrations of a gong, traditional Tibetan singing bowls, temple cymbals and chimes.

Special Price: both sessions booked together £ 35

To book your space please contact Pure Yoga directly on [email protected] and phone 07909144414

About the teacher:

Yogaandsound8Yoga & Sound founder Szilvia Gardian (www.szilviagardian.com ) is dedicated to share her specialised knowledge and her love for singing bowls during her workshops.

Szilvia has been teaching various forms of movement for over a decade. Soon after graduating as a yoga teacher she found her calling when she got introduced to the art of using singing bowls by her aunt, Szilagyi Zoltanne Balint Gyorgyi, who is the founder of the Sound Therapy Institute Budapest. After her initial singing bowl training Szilvia was eager to explore the possibilities of combining sound work and yoga.

Under the professional guidance of her aunt and mentor, Szilvia spent 2 years developing Yoga & Sound, her interpretation of how a mindful yoga practice and the use of Himalayan singing bowls can best support the process of uniting mind and body in a relaxing and energising experience. Yoga & Sound has been launched at the Yoga Show Manchester in 2014.

After a popular workshop last spring Szilvia is back at Pure Yoga this autumn to BATHE us IN HARMONY during her “Introduction to singing bowls workshop” and “Yoga & Sound Masterclass”.

09 October
Sunday @ 7:52 pm - 7:52 pm


  • Start:
    9th October @ 7:52 pm
  • End:
    9th October @ 7:52 pm
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