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PAST EVENT- Heart Womb Connection Circle with Rebecca Wilson

Sunday 24th of February 2019 – from 2 to 5.30 pm

Join us in circle On a journey back into connection

We will come together in our wholeness
Just as we are
To Re-Member
The wisdom that lives within

Womb Connection > Heart Womb Connection

invites you on a journey home back to your true self, the essence of your divine feminine power and the cyclic nature of life.
A space to re connect to your creative energy source which is abundant within you… to fall deeper in to love with the whole of who you are… to tune into your body and her wisdom… and to take rest to fully restore body, mind and soul.

The offers –
• Opening meditation
• Womb Yoga & Movement
• Mantra
• Meditation
• Yoga Nidra
• Womb Connection practice ~ Connecting Heart Womb & Earth
• Deep relaxation & Integration

What to bring –
• warm layers, blanket and pillows
• journal & pen
• sweet offerings for the alter
• open heart

Herbal teas & raw treats will be provided through out the afternoon.
In your wholeness
Rebecca xx

Your Womb is your sacred source space. She is the very embodiment of your feminine essence and power.
It is from a deep connection to this space that you fully embody the sacred light that lives within you, a deep sense of knowing, and clarity that comes from true presence with yourself and within each moment you experience life.

A woman who is deeply connected to her womb space doesn’t seek answers from outside, as she knows herself, her truth and the wisdom that rises from within her own being.
Womb connection supports you to release fear and other emotions from the heart and womb space creating inner connection, clarity and love in your body.

Benefits of Womb Connection –

– Healing & Awakening
– Womb healing from past trauma
– Connection to feminine flow
– Balanced Womb Energy
– Clear decision making
– Clear Boundaries, energetically, emotionally, physically, sexually, spiritually
– Clearing old energy from past lovers
– Supports menstrual Health
– Attract Healthy relationship
– Increased libido
– Awakened sexual energy
– Zest for life
– Supports creativity & fertility

Investment: £30

Contact Pure Yoga to book: [email protected] – phone 07909144414

Payment via bank transfer to Pure Yoga Cheshire bank account: Sort Code: 162432 – Account number 10979409

Contact Rebecca for more information about the content of the workshop: [email protected]


24 February
Sunday @ 7:26 pm - 7:26 pm


  • Start:
    24th February @ 7:26 pm
  • End:
    24th February @ 7:26 pm
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