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PAST EVENT – Healing Sound Bath with Jane Blackburn

Sunday 10th February 2019 from 4 to 6.30 pm – Investment £30. Please note this event will be capped at 16 participants, your booking is confirmed with advance payment.

Welcome to a seriously Chill Out Healing Sound Bath!

In this 2.5 hour session we will using active meditation to release any thoughts feeling or pain that has outlived its use in our life then move on to breathing exercises to prepare for the sound meditations. The group session will end with an active meditation to bring abundance and prosperity in to our lives.

Jane will use Chakra Crystal Singing Bowls and a collection of Gongs that will work on the body, mind and soul, changing your vibration and bringing your energy (Chakra) system back to a healthy balance.

As each cell gently opens, sound releases accumulated tension and restores your natural vitality, gives way to a deep state of relaxation, releases mental and emotional negativity, along with balancing the hemispheres of the brain.

Benefits of the Healing Sound:

Relaxes and reduces stress, anxiety
Calms and soothes
Improves sleeping and concentration
Balances the hemispheres of the brain
Balances the Chakras
Expands awareness, consciousness
Helps to heal the body, emotions and calms the thinking process
Sharpens clairvoyance

Why don’t we feel truly happy? Because we are so busy, we need to make a conscious effort to slow down every process and see that we create our own reality. Our journey is to know ourselves. Thinking takes us outside. Busy mind creates busy life. We need to learn to quiet the mind, so we can access the deeper parts of ourselves and feel inner peace. Life is Divine.

We need to learn the art of deep relaxation.

There are three steps to total relaxation. First, you need to relax your body, then relax your mind, then your heart. When we are free from tension, free from regrets about the past and worries about the future, we can live in the present and be joyful. Relax and purify your body, your mind and heart! Become aware of your words, of your thoughts, of your feelings and actions, and you will experience profound joy and inner peace.

Relaxation brings a transformation in you! The more deeply you relax your body and mind, the more conscious and awake you are.

It is amazing how the sounds cascade and flow around you like waves. You can feel them entering you as tingling, lightness, coolness, or heat. The sounds put everything back into balance, health and wellbeing- making you feel happy, calm, and fully empowered.

Just lay and relax and enjoy the beautiful experience without any effort on your part!

This sound immersion will leave you feeling Relaxed Rejuvenated and Reconnected.

A guided meditation will be part of this session, facilitated by Jane Blackburn.

What to expect in this 2 and half hour session:

We begin with a crystal bowl healing session balancing each chakra after which there is a short break during which we can enjoy a cup of herbal tea. We follow this with a guided meditation inviting participants to let go / release anything that has out lived its usefulness in your life. Another short comfort break and then a long gong bath and a few moments at the end for Q&A or discussion.
There will be also time to choose a card for positive affirmation to focus on in the coming days

Investment is £30 – advanced payment is recommended for this busy event. Pay via bank transfer, cash, cheque or paypal. Contact us on [email protected] or text 07909144414

10 February
Sunday @ 2:09 pm - 2:09 pm


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    10th February @ 2:09 pm
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    10th February @ 2:09 pm
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