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Past event: An Evening of Chants, Songs and Meditation with Kula Grace

Friday 27 of September 2019 from 7.45 to 9.15 pm – £8 on the door
“Kula Grace” is a group of friends, drawn together by a mutual passion to spread joyful energy through sacred chants and songs.

Described as Bhakti Yoga, our emphasis is on a devotional celebration of Love, Grace, Divinity and Creation. Our chants and songs are drawn from mostly Eastern essences, with the addition of
some Western flavours, and from any belief system based on Love, whether religious or not. Our emphasis is mostly on the up-beat, celebratory energies, but grounded with more subtle practices. Everyone is welcome to join in, as we journey together with everything from deep healing mantras, to foot-stomping bhajans, interweaved with moments of meditation. Feel free to sing, go deep, listen, clap, dance, and play anything from our popular ‘instrument bag’! Namaste.


27 September
Friday @ 12:26 pm - 12:26 pm


  • Start:
    27th September @ 12:26 pm
  • End:
    27th September @ 12:26 pm
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