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New Year with Yoga: Vinyasa Workshop with Peter Roussel

 Vinyasa without jump backs – Saturday 23rd of January 2016 – 13.00 to 16.00

Discover the deeper meaning of Vinyasa; “The flow of cycles that lead to the formation of the next cycle”
Using gentle repetitive movements we will warm and lubricate the joints bringing and sense of wholeness to the body, an ideal practice for the coldest time of the year. Progressively opening the body in small steps that revisit activations and techniques in slow flow. It will be an informative session about the most basic movements in general asana class. This class will wake you up and give you a foundation from where to grow from.

Both Saturday and Sunday session will include quiet sitting in the lightness the practice generates please bring warm clothes to enjoy a moment of stillness at the end before the deep relaxation.

Cost: £30

SPECIAL PRICE both Workshops Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of January: £55

pete portraitAbout Peter:
Born in Manchester Peter Roussel started there with Astanga yoga in 1998. Since then he has traveled the world to learn from great teacher in many styles of hatha yoga practice and self development. Peter is passionate about the connection between systems; the workings of the body – breath – mind and to some degree nutrition have been the focus of his practice and study for over 15 years.
Informative classes with creative sequences are appreciated by many for his ability to include different levels of the students practice. Besides sharing skilful techniques Peter is appreciated for linking the effects of the practice with subjects as far reaching as injury, self esteem, fitness and life purpose. He offers inspiring classes that stimulate students to explore self practice, and different modalities of personal development that lead to self awareness.


23 January
Saturday @ 10:39 am - 10:39 am


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    23rd January @ 10:39 am
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    23rd January @ 10:39 am
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