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Fine Tuning Alignment & Self Adjustment: Yoga Workshop with Joanna Walter

Saturday 20th of August 2016, from 13.00 to 16.00 – £25
Why bother learning to align the body in your yoga practice? On a very physical level it helps protect the bones, joints, muscles, vessels, tissue and organs of the body. Keeping them in a much better working order. But just as important although not so obvious is how important correct physical alignment is in regard to the flow of energy/Prana in the body.

According to Yoga philosophy we humans are constructed a bit like an onion, with layers, five to be precise also known as sheaths or bodies and in Sanskrit they are called Kosha’s. Moving from gross to subtle they are:

Annamaya Kosha -The outer physical layer; Pranamaya Kosha – the energetic body; Manomaya Kosha the mental body; Vijnanamaya Kosha the intellectual body; and lastly Anandamaya Kosha the bliss body. At the centre of these lies the Self or Atman.

These layers can be described and experienced differently but they are inseparable and interconnected. What happens to one affects what happens to them all. So coming back to the alignment of the body, we can start to understand what BKS Iyengar means in his quote from Light on life ” It is through the alignment of the body that I discovered the alignment of my mind, self and intelligence ”

When we go to a Yoga class our alignment gets adjusted by the teacher, but what can we do when we are practising on our own ? During this workshop I will be teaching techniques on how to fine tune your alignment so you can have a better understanding of what correct alignment looks and feels like. I will also be giving techniques on how to adjust your own alignment using props.

For more information and bookings: contact Francesca at [email protected] of phone 07909 144 414

About Jo:Joanna Walter pic

Jo has been practicing Yoga for 20 years, starting with a 10 day Vipassana meditation in 1996 in Nepal. This was followed by a devoted Ashtanga Vinyasa practice which led to her 1st teacher training with Pattabhi Jois’s nephew Vishwanath in 2003,  which was an amazing full time 3 month intensive in Bangalore – India.

She then had the great fortune to be part of the last full time 9 month teacher training with Louisa Sear’s Yoga Arts in Australia. During her 9 month training she met her teacher Clive Sheridan who’s experience and knowledge of Yoga is truly outstanding, teaching his unique blend of Hatha Yoga, Advaita Vedanta and Tantra. Jo has also been very lucky to be Clive’s assistant on several of his retreats. Also on the 9 month training she met Iyengar teacher’s Glen and Margaret Ceresoli who she has spent the last 6 years training with.

She has been teaching Yoga professionally since 2005.

20 August
Saturday @ 2:45 pm - 2:45 pm


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    20th August @ 2:45 pm
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    20th August @ 2:45 pm
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