At the time I was a keen cyclist and enjoyed surfing too. I was therefore looking for something that would help me to maintain this active lifestyle. For the first couple of years I practised DRU with Saffron Harrison. During this time, I came to recognise the sense of ease yoga offered, not only for the body, but also for the mind. I found that yoga provided a place for me to pause and find a sanctuary even on the most hectic or stressful of days.

As I gained confidence I started to attend Andrew Wrenn intermediate classes. In this practise I still managed to find this sense of ease but also found I was building strength and stamina. I’m not sure if Andrew mentioned in passing about the teacher training course at Yoga Campus or whether I asked, but I do remember the applications had to be in that week and on a bit of a whim I applied.

Studying with Yoga Campus helped to open up the world of Yoga to me. Suddenly I was learning about 1000s of year old philosophies under truly inspirational, dedicated and knowledgeable teachers. It was clear to me that these philosophies held a valuable lesson that could still be beneficial in today’s society. Most importantly I learnt that yoga is a journey on which you are continually learning. That once we open ourselves up to the inquiry, even working with the most (seemingly) simple of postures alongside the breath, we cultivate space to learn more about the mind/body relationship and ultimately improve our experience of existence.

Since studying at Yoga Campus I have attended and continue to attend classes and workshops with many different teachers in order to explore and support my teaching but also my own self-inquiry. Alongside this I attend a Buddhist meditation group where we discuss and spend time reflecting and meditating on the Buddhist teachings.

I have a daily self-practise now but still regularly attend a Healthy Backs class and a Deepening your Practise class with Jane Craggs in Manchester which is about advancing mental focus using the tools of asana, pranayama, mantra and the study of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

I have a particular interest in using yoga to support people with Scoliosis. I am looking to deepen my knowledge and understanding in this regard by working with my own body as well as beginning to help others with the condition.

I aim to make the yoga I teach accessible to all that attend and work to encourage my students, through practises which I have tried and tested myself, to cultivate and touch that sense of peace that can be found within all of us.