The journey I embarked on back then has exceeded those expectations so many times over. I continue to be awed by the potential of yoga to simultaneously transform every aspect of life and the Self.

I feel so inspired by the power of yoga to heal the body and the psyche, and to enable us to release trauma and negative energy from our physical and energetic bodies. My personal practice has previously supported me in recovering from a herniated disc and managing chronic digestive issues, as well as developing greater resilience and an increased capacity to surrender in the face of the ups and downs of life. My experience has taught me how, beyond this, yoga enables us to nurture self-awareness, awaken to our higher selves, and to discover our connection to the Earth and each other.

I felt especially inspired to teach after discovering Kundalini Yoga several years ago. After only one session, I was hooked! I felt so intensely moved by the practice, and by its unique capacity to elevate the consciousness so quickly and through practices that are accessible to everyone. In 2013, I travelled first to India to undertake Hatha Yoga teacher training, and I completed my Kundalini Yoga teacher training in Arizona later that same year.

I am currently undertaking training to become a conscious connected breath facilitator, and hope to soon be able to offer this alongside and in combination with yoga. As with Kundalini, I feel excited by how such a simple and accessible practice can create such profound experiences and such deep healing.

In a yoga class, I love to work with mantra, breath work, meditation and mindfulness, as well as asana and movement – drawing benefit from the many tools that yoga offers us on our path towards growth and discovery. I aspire to create space for others to experience their own personal journey of healing and transformation.