Alison Winn

I am a busy mum of 2 with an office based day job, and find that I turn to yoga to help keep me grounded and retain a true sense of perspective on life.

My yoga practice began in 2003, but it was several years before I truly appreciated how much more there was to yoga than a set of postures on the mat! As my interest increased I completed the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation certificate, then qualified as a BWY teacher having trained on the Wirral with Sarah Beck. Today my teaching and learning continues to evolve as I attend other classes, workshops and teacher training events and it is wonderful to be able to share this knowledge and see others develop.

I love the variety and holistic nature of yoga. The benefits really are all encompassing – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and it does not matter which direction you approach it from; as yoga is inclusive and everyone can benefit in some way or other. In my early days, I trained professionally as a classical dancer and then taught dance abroad for several years, so I naturally approach my teaching in a creative but sequenced way; drawing mainly on vinyasa and yin yoga styles and often integrating several different elements into class. I provide a strong focus on posture, alignment and breath awareness and encourage students to listen to their body and work to their own ability. I also aim to bring a sense of lightheartedness to the practice, as this is precious time to re-connect with yourself and re-balance the mind and body.

I look forward to welcoming you to the classes at Pure Yoga.


Gill Slater

I began my working life as a primary school teacher, teaching in the UK and in Kenya. That was a long time ago and much has happened since then. Some of it by design but much of it was unplanned. It turned out just fine.

On returning to the UK from Zimbabwe in the mid ’80’s I trained as a counsellor and worked both privately and within the public sector. I worked for several years at MIND as a counsellor and went on to be employed by GMP and St Mary’s Hospital as a Counsellor and Crisis Worker at The St Mary’s Sexual Assault Centre. Alongside my teaching in primary education and counselling I began my training in massage. Massage became my passion and for the past 17 years has been my ‘job’.

I began as a Remedial Massage Therapist dealing with injuries and general aches and pains. I went on to do Sport’s Massage and then No Hands Massage which prolonged my working life and gave me many tools to work with. On reaching 61 years of age (October 2016) The Universe poked me strongly and, after much deep thought I decided to ‘retire’ from my massage work. However, my knowledge of the body hugely informs how I teach yoga and so nothing is ever wasted.

Twenty years ago I went to an Iyengar Yoga class and stayed for nine years soaking it all up. Training to teach seemed the perfect next step and so I trained with Brian Cooper in Astanga Yoga. I went on to work with various wonderful teachers including Sandra Sabatini who was a pupil of Vanada Scaravelli and most recently Ana Forrest. I completed my Forrest Foundation Training in 2012 and have taught a small, very dedicated group since then. I currently teach one external class a week and several private sessions and from my Therapy Room at home. Ana Forrest’s training underpins all that I now share with my wonderful yoga folk. It has also been instrumental in healing me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The practice is intense but achievable and I, who can no longer take part in an Astanga/Vinyasa practice due to back issues, delight in my Forrest time on the mat.

Most recently I have returned to my interest in The Feldenkrais Method and Hanna Somatics to broaden my understanding of the body’s capacity to move, heal and feel. Three years ago I completed my Pregnancy Yoga Training with Sally Parkes and along the way I have trained in Reiki to Master Level and Reconnective Healing with Dr Eric Pearl. I am married, very happily to John who is a retired Civil Engineer and we have a gorgeous daughter, Katie. Last year I spent a wonderful two weeks teaching yoga to all who passed by during their stay at the beautiful Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa. All my teaching skills proved immensely useful as I had a wide variety of people from the total beginner to those who practice daily back home.

 Pippa Francis

My first experience of yoga was in 2001, when I was pregnant with my first child, (I am now the mother of three boys!) and it was from here that my yoga journey began.

The way a yoga class left me feeling was a combination of feeling blissful, strong, stretched, more flexible in not just the body but the mind too and ultimately made me feel relaxed. For many years I’d suffered with anxiety and bouts of mild depression and found that yoga helped massively with calming the anxiety and easing some of the discomfort from the battles in my mind. I also struggled with chronic migraine having two or three days free from pain a month but thanks to yoga I now have perhaps one every couple of months.

For over a decade I have practiced under the guidance of some truly inspirational teachers from different yoga traditions and after at least 10 years of regular practice and workshops I decided that the natural progression for me was to train to teach. I began the BWY Foundation Course with Jackie Quayle which led me to be accepted to study under Sarah Beck for the BWY 500 hour Level 4 teacher training diploma. I spent 3.5 years studying with Sarah which was an amazing experience providing not only an excellent standard of teacher training but in depth teachings of meditation, pranayama and yoga philosophy too.

My teaching style is constantly evolving but I try to bring to my classes and retreats what can so often be lost in the modern yoga classes today, and combine the asana practice with nuggets of philosophy, pranayama, mediation and mindfulness. I look forward to sharing my love and the benefits of yoga with you.

Sarah Clayton

I have been practicing yoga for 23 years. I came to it as a law student to manage the stress of my studies and it has sustained me throughout my “other” job as a lawyer. I qualified with the British wheel of yoga in 2009 having started my studies in 2003 and having 2 babies in-between. I completed the foundation course followed by the full diploma. I have been teaching since 2004 and attend a variety of courses with multiple teachers, which experience I bring with me to my own lessons. My philosophy is “pick and mix”, bringing the best from the different styles I have experienced. My teaching style can be described as “mindful yoga flow”.

When I’m not practicing law or yoga I have been known to flirt with fell running. I am a busy working mum with my own physical challenges and I get how important yoga is for people like me.
Simply, teaching yoga is one of the most rewarding things a person can do.