I started practicing in 2001, looking for a way to relax and improve body tone and flexibility. It wasn’t until I attended Andrew Wrenn’s class in 2012 that the door opened into a whole new world, rich in traditions, philosophies and practices I’d never even heard of.
Crucially, the aim of it all was “to still the turnings of the mind”, just what I needed! I was completely fascinated. As I immersed myself in the practices, I found my self-confidence improved dramatically and I was better able to manage the anxiety that had crippled me for years. Yoga soon became a vital part of my daily life.

In 2015, fuelled by a desire to learn more and some encouragement from Andrew, I decided to study the 18 month teacher training diploma with the highly regarded Yogacampus. During this time I studied Restorative Yoga with the world-renowned Judith Hanson Lasater, meditation with Rolf Sovik, Spiritual Director of the Himalayan Institute and wrote a paper on how Yoga can support an IVF patient. I regularly attend classes and workshops to further my knowledge and deepen my self-practice. It is a privilege to learn from the experience of others and to share my own experiences through teaching.

I aim to teach in a nurturing way, providing a space for you to experience, explore and re-connect with your mind, body and breath. My hope is that when people leave my class they take a little
bit of something off their mat and into their daily lives. For me this iswhere the magic happens