Trained in Vinyasa Flow by the renowned Claire Missingham, Hazel is very enthusiastic about delivering engaging, exciting classes. Expect an uplifting practice, filled with strong, flowing sequences, linking movement to breath. Using asana, pranayama and meditation, her classes aim to create a yoga experience that ties together mind, body, and spirit.

“My first brush with yoga was as a child, when I stumbled across my mum’s ‘70s yoga book filled with shiny leotards and strange-looking poses. I was fascinated… but like the ’70s fashions it featured, it got tucked away and forgotten, until my 20s when I wanted to improve my fitness. I turned to yoga primarily because I thought it would be easier than going to the gym! I was totally unprepared for how transforming yoga could be. Now, yoga is a lifestyle and discipline for me – meaning that when I’m not teaching, I can usually be found reading, researching and learning about yoga, or on the mat – deepening my own practice with a variety of yoga styles and teachers, keeping my teaching relevant, fresh and thoughtful.

“I invite students to focus on themselves, encouraging them on a journey to find a practice that suits their body, mind and breath, and truly serves them each time they step onto the mat. My aim is to create a space in which students can connect with their true potential, and that everyone leaves class feeling great!”