• Sound of the Heart: Voice Workshop with Tim Chalice

    Sound of the Heart: Voice Workshop with Tim Chalice

    Saturday 23rd of March 2019 – from 2 to 5 pm – £30

    “The Naked Voice is your original voice, fully-embodied, naturally-expressed, and free of self-consciousness. It is your authentic sound, as unique as your DNA or fingerprint.” – Chloe Goodchild

    Join devotional Kirtan singer and Naked Voice Facilitator Tim Chalice on Saturday 23 March for an experiential voice workshop. We will explore our voices in a joyful, supported way, ranging from simple structured mantra practices through to wild spontaneous sound. We will discover how strengthening the witness consciousness can help us to let go of judgement, self-consciousness and fear. In this group ‘singing field’ you can express yourself freely, uncovering vocal blocks, releasing old stories and stuck emotions.

    The aim of this workshop is to access your naked or soul voice, increase your confidence and ability to express yourself without self-consciousness and judgement, and have some fun along the way! You will learn simple vocal practices to take away and support your evolving voice. Discover how to sound the love you have inside and learn to love your own unique sound. The voice is a gateway to our heart and soul and as we begin to transform our relationship to our voice we begin to transform our whole life.

    This workshop is for everyone, for ‘singers’ and ‘non-singers’ alike.

    Tim experienced his first Naked Voice retreat with founder of The Naked Voice, Chloe Goodchild, in 2005. Tim says: “What an incredible, transformative experience! I accessed sounds and a voice inside me that I had never heard before. It also touched something very deep within me and I felt a powerful healing occur. In the following years, I have trained as a Naked Voice Facilitator and graduated in 2014. I really looking forward to sharing these special practices with you.”

    For more information about The Naked Voice visit http://www.thenakedvoice.com/

    “Tim is a dedicated pilgrim of prayerful chant and song. His devotional heart sound and meditative mantras, penetrate your mind, inspire participation, and awaken your heart.”

    – Chloe Goodchild – Singer, Founder of The Naked Voice

    Payment via bank transfer to Pure Yoga Cheshire bank account: Sort Code: 162432 – Account number 10979409