• Sound Bath and Restorative Yoga – FULLY BOOKED

    Sound Bath and Restorative Yoga – FULLY BOOKED

    Sunday 3rd of September from 5.30 to to 7 pm – £18

    Space is only secured with a deposit and/or advance payment as there are only 16 spaces available for this unique experience.

    Beat the holiday blues with a nourishing practice of Restorative yoga and sound with Francesca and Jane. You will be guided through gentle and restorative postures supported by props like yoga bolsters, blankets, blocks while receiving the healing effects of sound through planetary gongs.

    A gong bath is a form of sound therapy where the gong is played in a therapeutic way to bring about healing in the body. It is a very effective way of stimulating the natural good feeling of the body and most often leaves the recipient grounded with an indisputable sense of well-being.
    The experience is often likened to ‘being massaged all over’ by those who are sensitive as they feel their skin tingle and deeper sensations as the waves of sound vibrate through the body and trigger a tangible release of tensions. Often during a gong bath, a deep sense of neutrality is felt and nerve rejuvenation is achieved.

    The practice of Restorative yoga will relax your nervous system and help you receive fully the benefits of the final 20 minutes sound bath, leading to experience feelings of peace and calm. All levels are welcome, this is a very gentle yoga practice.

    We do supply mats and some blankets, but please bring anything you might want to have to make your experience even more relaxing, like an extra blanket and a pillow.

    More information and bookings: [email protected] – phone 07909144414