• The Sun, the Moon and the Serpent – a Yoga experience with Andrew Wrenn

    The Sun, the Moon and the Serpent – a Yoga experience with Andrew Wrenn

    Sunday 8th of May 2016 from 5 to 7.30 pm

    Prana is our life force, she flows around us and within us through the mystical energy channels or nadi.

    The 3 major nadi are Ida (Moon), Pingala (Sun) and Sushumna (Serpent). An imbalance or blockage of our energy channels can lead to stress, illness, and emotional imbalance.

    Andrew will share with you an explanation of our subtle energy body and how this relates to every day practice and life.

    Through the practice of Asana (postures) and Pranayama we will explore and experience the energy flowing as you harness the powers of the Sun, Moon and Serpent.

    The event will consist of:


    Asana in preparation for Pranayama

    Short break

    Satsang (spiritual explanation and discussion)

    Pranayama, Meditation, Colour visualization


    About Andrew:

    Andrew has maintained a daily Pranayama and Asana practice for over 15 years. He has been teaching in the UK and internationally since 2003. He studies annually in India with an authentic and renowned Yogi who who is known for the purity and authenticity of his teachings and realizations.

    *This workshop will be suitable for all abilities as the practice will be structured around the individual.

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    Cost: Pure Yoga Unlimited members: £20 – Class pass holders: £12 plus stamp on card – Full cost: £25