• Season, Cycles and the Spritual Labyrinth.

    Season, Cycles and the Spritual Labyrinth.


    Join Amber over the natural cycle of One Year.

    Sunday 22nd of September 2019 –  from 12.30 – 4 pm.
    Cost £30.

    These events are a celebration of the Season’s and Cycles of life. Knowledge of the seasonal cycles can bring us the wisdom to align and harmonise ourselves with nature and universal life force energy…….If we choose to put it into practice! The quality of this life force energy determines our health on every level.

    An on-going Spiritual Journey of Personal Development and Celebration.

    You can step into the cycle at any point or take a pause!

    These events are inter-connected, yet independent of each other!

    We will commence each event with a meditation that resonates with the energies of the season.

    Then we will explore how each season’s energy affects us – Emotionally . Mentally . Physically . Spiritually

    and gives us an opportunity to work in harmony with nature to heal ourselves.

    Each Season will give offer us a portal of opportunity – something to address! – a pivotal point for change and to grow stronger – and an opportunity to put what we have learned into practice!

    In each of the eight festivals we will look at the Seasonal energies around us and within us and Choose what we want to;

    Let go of: Change: or Nurture – learning to trust our own innate wisdom. To facilitate this we will be symbolically Walking the Spiritual Labyrinth An Ancient symbol for wholeness, Incorporating the circle and ascending energetic spiral.

    To walk the Spiritual Labyrinth teaches us to walk our life path – one step at a time, focusing on the present moment,neither projecting forward nor backwards, keeping one foot in front of the other, being mindful of the moment.

    On the most basic level The Spiritual Labyrinth is a metaphor for the journey to the centre of your deepest self and back out into the world with a broader understanding of who you are! Keeping in step with the Earths Seasons and Rhythms of nature, will teach us when to act, when to pause, when to reflect – do inner work and when to bring things out into the light of day and put it in to practice what we have learned .


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    Amber Moon – Simply Spirit! U.K. and Australia:

    Spirit is all there is! Spirit is pure energy!

    Amber feels passionately about Women’s Health, Wisdom and Empowerment.

    Amber shares her personal perception and learned ‘Crone Wisdom’

    Amber is a Natural intuitive / 6th generation of Russian wise women Psychic Healers.

    An experienced Women’s Homeopathic (pure energetic medicine) Practitioner and Teacher.

    Spiritual Mentor and Guide, with 40 years experience.