• Pure Yoga Workshop in Glastonbury

    Pure Yoga Workshop in Glastonbury

    Avalon Room – First floor, The Glastonbury Experience Courtyard, 2-4 High Street, Glastonbury BA6 9DU 

    Sunday 25th of August – 10.30 am to 1 pm

    Join Andrew and Francesca at the beautiful Avalon Room in Glastonbury for a practice of Hatha Yoga incorporating Asana (yoga postures), Yoga Flow, Pranayama and Meditation.

    A simple practice to delight, challenge and reveal… an all inclusive morning of yoga where everyone is welcome!

    The theme will be centred around Change – being open to invite, welcome and accept the inevitable changes that come through life. On our physical practice we will include some chest opening practices, gradually working on the correct body alignment and mind attitude to include these intense postures.

    For those just starting on their yoga journey there will be plenty of postures to work with, including gentle yoga flows and stillness.

    For those who want to be challenged, they will be invited to explore their “edge” – we will break down some of the more engaging postures so there will be options to be practised by all.

    The opportunity might reveal itself to introduce some Mantra chanting. There will be a little time for questions and answers, introducing some of the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga.

    Strong and gentle practices, traditional pranayama and stillness.

    The cost is £20.

    Deposit required to secure your spot payable via bank transfer or pay pal.

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