• Past event – Sound Journey with The Order of Love

    Past event – Sound Journey with The Order of Love

    Friday 10th of May 2019 from 7.30 to 9.30 pm at Pure Yoga Cheshire.

    £12 (prepaid) – £14 (on the door)

    We are so excited to host Order of Love for the first time in Macclesfield for an amazing Sound Journey!

    ‘The Order Of Love’ are a multi-instrumental three-piece.

    Their work focuses on intuitive, improvised sound journeying, rhythm, movement medicine, trance & tribal dance, mantra and medicine songs with an emphasis on heart-wisdom, healing and connection

    Sound-Space holders, ‘The Order Of Love’ offer a unique dance/movement experience; The space is held as a ceremonial space for people to express themselves freely in whichever way they feel guided. Through stillness and movement, meditation and raving!

    The sounds, the rhythms and the intuitive nature of the music allows the dynamic interplay between the musicians and the dance-space to effortlessly meld into direct relationship and reflection. One guiding and influencing the other.

    Every event is unique, the energy that is bought to the space is the driving force and catalyst for the sound and music to unfold; this act of presence and creation means:

    ‘the movement becomes the music becomes the medicine’

    Multi-instrumentalists and space-holders from ‘Music as Medicine’ and ‘Caulbearers music’: Damien Mahoney , Gavin Mullan & Nic Malin will be playing an improvised set of soundscape and music;

    ‘From the gentle caress of singing bowls and angelic strings to the tribal force of drums, rhythm, bass and didgeridoo’.

    The musicians will not be following a set structure, it will be 100% improvised; this way the sound journey is in direct relationship to you, one guiding and influencing the other.

    The session will move and flow through deep states of joy to with the opportunity to join in with mantras, moving to deep states of healing where you will be induced into a meditative state.