• Going Deeper: Yoga and Meditation on Sunday Evening

    Going Deeper: Yoga and Meditation on Sunday Evening

    A Sunday Evening treat: Meditation and gentle Yoga  with Dru Yoga teacher Ann Flentje.

    July: Sunday 28th

    August: Sunday 25th

    Suitable for all, from beginners to seasoned practitioners alike. No meditation or yoga experience needed. Relax and surrender to the inner silence in this delightfully gentle, recharging and balancing practice.

    We will be exploring meditation practice using the five levels of being:

    Anamaya kosha –  the physical body as a gateway to the quiet mind

    Pranamaya kosha – awareness of energy, increasing our perception of energy

    Manomaya kosha – Meditation as a tool for working with the energy of emotions

    Vijnaamaya kosha – working with the power of mantra and chants to remove blocks

     Anandamaya kosha – meditation on the nature of the self

      The classes will contain – a short activation, some gentle yoga, breathwork, relaxation and meditation

         This class runs twice a month on Sundays at 5.30pm to 7pm

     No need to book. Drop in £9. This class is included in your class pass.