I had been practicing yoga for close to 10 years with Francesca and Andrew, when in 2019 I finally made the decision to close my business and follow my heart in becoming a yoga teacher.

In March 2020 I flew to Brazil to train with David Lurey. Little did I know how not only my life will change during this month, but the whole world. In training we were advised not to make any life changing decisions immediately to allow the time to integrate and I had almost 6 months before I could finally teach in public venues. However, the situation also allowed me unlimited time to deepen my personal practice, teach often unwilling family members and participate in some brilliant online workshops and trainings, most notably with Delilah King and Jason Crandell.

Every day yoga practice teaches me mental and physical resilience not to give up when things become tough – both in asana practice and off the mat. As a teacher I am dedicated in supporting my students on their respected journeys, sharing my knowledge of yogic studies and holding space all the while still remaining a student – one breath at a time