I came to the practice of Yoga in 2012 whilst living in Chiang Mai, at a time when I was seeking tools to help me navigate the often fast flowing waters of life.

Asana (posture) practice provided me with a physical space to make sense of and work through emotions, whilst being guided by the breath and mental clarity created off my mat. Steadily, I began to delve into the teachings, philosophies and practices of this ancient system of liberation and using it as a means to make sense of our inner and outer worlds.

Since then I have maintained a devoted practice whilst living and travelling around the world and have been fortunate to have practiced in many beautiful shalas with a variety of spirited teachers. From, Thailand to Sri Lanka, and from Guatemala to The Netherlands. I completed my 200 hour teacher training with Yoga Arts, guided by Louisa Sear, in Bali in 2019. I have also taken immersions with Emma Henry, Phillipa Asher and David Swenson, as well as being under the loving eye of Andrea Everingham for some years.

My vinyasa classes draw upon the breath, the beauty of movement and the philosophy of Yoga. For the meaning of vinyasa, is the correct placement of sacred objects to be used during ceremony. I translate this meaning into my classes whereby our asanas (posture) become prayers on the mat. Breath, body and heart come into alignment as you are guided through a rounded practice of pranayama, asana and meditation.

Whether you are a curious newbie who thinks Yoga is not for you, someone looking to get a good stretch, or a seasoned Practitioner looking to delve deeper, my classes offer something for everyone.