Kinga is a yoga teacher, practitioner and a forever student herself. Passionate about helping people develop their own home practice safely and confidently on and off the mat.  She considers herself no more or no less than a friend and wants to make yoga accessible for everybody no matter your body shape or physical abilities. Kinga wants to share yoga not just as a mainstream westernised physical exercise but as a comprehensive, integral practice to help people live a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life.

She has been practising yoga for over 12 years and has been teaching in corporate, group and one to one settings over the past 3 years. She teaches yoga as a holistic practice: offering a safe space, nurturing and guiding students into self- exploration, building deeper self-awareness where they can re-discover their inherent full potentials as a unique part of this cosmos and feel fully alive and well physically, mentally and emotionally.

She enjoys building relationships and deeper connections and through her method offers a complete toolkit for empowering people with self-love, positive body image, deeper awareness and interconnectivity to other humans, nature, our cycles, energies and the elements around and within us.

With over 550hrs of training and a never-ending practice in advanced hatha, yin, pranayama and meditation & pregnancy yoga currently training in pain management and as a corporate wellbeing consultant she is determined to share yoga with as many people as possible.