I first tried yoga about 6 years ago, and to be honest, I didn’t love it straight away! I didn’t have that lightbulb moment that many people get until a couple of years later. I was never very flexible (and I mean very inflexible!) and I was a bit put off and made to feel a bit rubbish!I then tried a class in Bali and just loved it, and I brought the practice back home with me. I started a regular self-practice and just loved the clarity I found in my mind, it changed my whole mindset and my body opened up in its own time. I decided I wanted to learn to teach yoga as I wanted other people who felt that they weren’t good enough to go to yoga to find the peace and calm that I had.

I completed my 200hrs in Ashtanga in March 2018 at Abhinam Yoga School in Goa. The teaching here was fused with Iyengar principles and highlighted practising in a way to prevent injury and cultivating a life-long practice. Whilst Ashtanga provided a solid base for me to start from, I love the creativity and freedom of creating sequences and weaving in transitions and variations. 

I teach my classes with an emphasis on feeling good, rather than looking good, remembering how I felt when I was a newbie. I include options for everyone, with modifications for newbies and options for stronger variations for those with a regular practice. I teach flowy classes emphasising mindful movement and connection to the breath with little bits of philosophy woven in. 

George teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga on Monday at 10 am.