I’m a local girl, having been raised here in sunny Macclesfield.

I have spent the majority of my twenties travelling, experiencing as much of life and different cultures as I can. However, I always seem to find my way back here!

I found yoga four years ago and was most likely, initially attracted by the impressive positions I saw people achieve along with the physical health benefits. However, I soon found myself wanting to delve further in to all that surrounds and is attached to yoga – the history and ethos – of which I still have a lifetime of learning to look forward to.

In late 2018, having moved from Australia to London and feeling the effects of the change in pace of life, I decided to take the plunge and complete my 200 hour teacher training. I trained at The House of Yoga, Putney, qualifying in 2019. Throughout this time, immersing myself in the practice I was able to focus, connect back and find the peace that I was needing. It was time just for me, to zone out of anything external and in to the internal. A safe, calm space amidst the crazy of London!

And so, that’s what I strive to give back: A strong practice in which you can get out of your head and in to your body, a safe space with no judgement to just be and connect; connect to your breath, yourself and the present moment.

In February 2020, I am travelling to Rishikesh, India to complete my Yin training, where I’m looking forward to deepening my knowledge in order to be able contribute further.’