Join Andrew on Monday at 7.45 pm. We promote a safe, deep and nurturing workout of all major muscles and joints. This class is includes strong sequences for strength and flexibility, suitable for those with an average body awareness.

Plenty of major sports teams and athletes include Yoga into their pre- and off-season workouts. Many top professional athletes including Ryan Giggs , Phil Neville and tennis player Andy Murray are using Yoga to keep their bodies in a top condition which in turn prolongs their career at the highest level. Most premiership football teams are now using Yoga as a way of helping players recover more quickly from physical damage and also to prevent the risk of long term injury.

Here’s some of the reasons why sport’s people should practice yoga:

  • Many athletes find yoga helps with rehabilitating the body after an injury.
  • Integrating yoga into athletic training helps athletes lessen their risk of injury and recovery time by gaining strength and flexibility without straining muscles.
  • Yoga relieves muscle tension and loosens joints, hips, hamstrings and shoulders.
  • Athletes who practice yoga gain greater ability to manage their breath — maximizing oxygen intake and lessening loss of energy during endurance training.
  • Yoga helps athletes lower blood pressure, mitigate aches and pains, manage intensity and increase focus, preparing the body’s physical response to challenging situations, as in competitive sports.

No need to book, just turn up a few minutes before the class. Check prices in our price page.