I very soon found that I enjoyed the practice itself as well as really feeling the benefits in terms of clarity and a sense of well being. Over the years I have been involved in demanding work at times and found that the sense of focus given by meditation practice helped me to act without getting caught up too much in the “what if’s” – this helped with stress levels and (hopefully) effectiveness.

I’ve been helped in my journey by taking part in many courses at Samye Ling – a Buddhist monastery in Scotland and also at a center near to Samye Ling called Chisholme House. Meditation and mindfulness was and is a pillar of practice and life in both places.

Some 9 years ago Iearned that I had cancer and I am so grateful for the help the meditation and mindful presence gave me at this time. In the last eight years I’ve been taking mindful practitioner and teacher training courses with the Mindfulness association and with the McMillan cancer charity at Blythe House hospice (in Chapel en le Frith) and I’m very glad now to have opportunities to practice and share with others with the emphasis being one of consultation and collaboration between all participants.