• Sunday evening Yin Yoga with Emma

    Sunday 19th of October 2014 – from 17:00 to 19.00

    Come along and join Emma for an evening of yin yoga. The gorgeous upstairs studio will be nicely heated and the room will be softly lit with candles and fairy lights, creating the perfect atmosphere for the peaceful practice of yin yoga.

    You’ll be gently guided through a series of yin poses that are all practiced from the floor. Yin yoga focuses on the fascia, connective tissue and joints of the body. Unlike yang yoga which is more muscle focused and dynamic, Yin yoga postures are held for up to 5 minutes encouraging a release deeper within the body.

    ‘The power of yin is time not effort’. Poor postural habits and lack of movement can cause the connective tissue to shorten, essentially ‘shrink wrapping’ around the joints, we can gain a greater range of motion at the joints by gently ‘stressing’ the connective tissue through a mindful yin practice, which then lengthens and strengthens and fascia and connective tissue.

    Props can be used to enable us to maintain a pose, finding our own ‘edge’ in a posture, whilst also finding a softness and stillness in the body and the mind. Yin teaches us to slow down, to pay attention and to listen to ourselves. This wonderful practice can be very meditative, keeping us mindful and grounded in the present moment.

    Although this class is slow and meditative it is still a strong practice therefore some yoga experience is best.

    The evening will end with a long guided relaxation, allowing the body and mind to enjoy the release of tension from the practice.

    Cost: £16

    10 Class Pass Members: £9 plus a stamp on the card

    Unlimited Members: £14

    A deposit secures your space, please book in advance as only a limited amount of spaces are available in the Shiva room.