• *NEW* Mother and Baby Postnatal Yoga from Wednesday 18th of April 2018

    *NEW* Mother and Baby Postnatal Yoga from Wednesday 18th of April 2018

    Every Wednesday from 11.30 am to 12.30 pm – £45 for 6 classes to be taken over 8 weeks.

    A welcoming nurturing yoga class especially designed for new mothers and their babies. This yoga class shows you how you can practice yoga alongside/with your baby so you benefit together. For mothers with babies age from 6 weeks to crawling.

    Learning yoga postures and breathing techniques to help you and your baby relax. Connecting with your baby throughout the class. You will get to know other new mothers local to you and we will always do a relaxation within the class to support you in your transition to motherhood and time with your baby.

    You are welcome to change, feed and settle your baby whenever you need to. The yoga space is to nurture you as a new mother, with a supportive environment in which to spend quality time with your baby.

    About the teacher – Joanne Stratford:

    …Every step taken is a sacred one…

    My passion and fascination of the human body brought me to yoga. Practices of dance, martial arts, meditation, yoga, spiritual ritual and breath work have held and nourished me through my life’s journey.  After attending my first yoga class in my teenage years, yoga was in my heart and became a steady part of my life ever since.

    My background in the studies of biology, nursing and perinatal education fuelled my passion for community nurturing. Since yoga has brought such a stillness and steadiness to my life I wanted to share that nurturing with others, so I decided to train to teach yoga with the British Wheel of Yoga.

    Bringing people together with kindness, love and respect, teaching and sharing yoga in the community is what I love to do. I respect and bow to every person I meet, with shared experience, sacred inspirations and learning that brings new insights with deeper understandings. I am humbled by every experience.

    Creating space for us to listen to our immense, innate capabilities and strengths, to harness our mind-body connection and to embrace our lives with power.

    All classes I teach welcome everyone in a holistic, gentle caring and compassionate way, that brings everyone together with careful consideration.

    When I am not teaching or practising yoga, you may find me walking deep in the woods, rock climbing, dancing, on a road trip to sacred sites and spending time with my beautiful family and friends.