• Laughter Yoga with Veerji

    Laughter Yoga with Veerji

    Sunday 12th of November 2017 – from 1 to 4.15 pm – £15 per person.

    An holistic approach explaining the physiological aspects of the healing nature of our own joy-filled laughter!

    Laughter is a unique human quality and is said to be the best (complementary) medicine. The workshops show you ways of how to tap into your own spontaneous, healing laughter to help stimulate your endocrine system, boost your immune system, increase lung capacity and expand your own sense of well-being.

    This is followed by gentle sound healing meditation, joyful call and response singing and closing Om circle.

    All of this is vibrational work. As vibrational creatures we have the ability to tap into the energy centres of our bodies (the Chakra centres) and help recalibrate and reharmonize these areas and allow the body to be in balance, in ease. Not in dis-ease.

    Laughter is also of great benefit for stress and in particular Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or those who have experienced a traumatic event or who deal with anxiety, guilt or frozen grief, among other conditions, by helping people to move forward and think or talk about their traumatic event with absolutely no emotional distress, and flip a past emotional memory into a memory of an emotion.

    The boost in endorphin from the increased laughter and smiles, the increased intake in air into the lungs and oxygen into the blood-stream has been proven to re-wire the brains responsive patterns to stressful memories or situations, allowing us to cope in a more balanced way.

    Your body cannot heal without play. Your mind cannot heal without laughter. Your soul cannot heal without joy.

    About Veerji:

    My name is Veerji Hasyananda. This name was conferred to me by my teacher Laraaji Nadabrahmananda (Google Laraaji for information and videos of his music and laughter) in September 2016.

    I began teaching Laraaji’s method of Laughter Yoga/Meditation in February 2015 after a period of distance learning and study (Laraaji lives in New York). Since then I have been with him each year as he has toured the UK with his music and laughter workshops (twice in 2016). My studies continue with him as in the guru–shishya tradition.

    I currently run monthly workshops in Stockport and Manchester, but I have also offered laughter workshops for Alzheimer’s groups, Pregnancy groups, children as well as appearing at numerous Mind, Body, and Spirit and other holistic and sound healing events in the North-West.

    Bookings being taken – contact us on info@pureyogacheshire.co.uk or phone/text 07909144414. Deposit or full payment secures your booking – cash or bank transfer accepted.