• HypnoBirthing Childbirth Preparation Course

    HypnoBirthing Childbirth Preparation Course

    What if giving birth meant you felt calm, comfortable, confident and in-control?

    Being prepared for the birth of your baby, will eliminate the fear and anxiety you may be feeling, and instead, enable you to look-ahead to it feeling much more positive and excited!

    HypnoBirthing is about educating, inspiring and empowering parents to be able to have their best birth, so they may remember their birthing forever, for all the right reasons.

    As parents, we have a responsibility to educate ourselves about what our bodies go through to birth our baby; to learn how our baby experiences the birthing process and what their needs at birth are, and to learn what our options for birthing are – regardless of type of birth or setting.

    During this process of becoming educated and informed, you will gain a better understanding and deeper respect for your body, and discover the benefits planning, preparing and directing the course of your birth.

    As a result, you will feel more empowered in the birthing room! You may also feel you have been inspired to look at birth from altogether different perspective…and enough to consider a birth you may previously thought wasn’t possible or wasn’t for you.

    HypnoBirthing is that process of becoming educated, inspired and empowered so you can birth in a more relaxed, calmer and joyful way.

    Some of things you will learn from our childbirth preparation classes, are:

    How your uterus works,
    What role hormones play in birthing,
    How fear effects birth,
    How the mind controls the body’s performance
    Positions for labour and birth,
    The importance of the right birthing environment,
    What your baby’s needs are during birthing,
    Natural means of remediation to avoid medical intervention,
    How to write a birth plan

    The benefits of HypnoBirthing are:

    For Mother:
    It eliminates fear and allows you to look forward to giving birth.
    It provides you with a toolbox of strategies to use throughout your pregnancy and labour for an easier birth.
    It shortens the first stage of labour, as you work in harmony with your body.
    It teaches you different breathing techniques integral to each stage of labour and that can be applied in everyday life after having your baby.
    It reduces fatigue, making you feel energised and in good spirits when you meet your baby for the first time.

    For Baby:
    When a Mother is calm and in control this allows the body to work effectively, therefore reducing the likelihood of baby getting stressed. This means that the baby can be born into the world in a calm and relaxing manner. As HypnoBabies are born calmly, research has shown that they tend to:

    Sleep better
    Feed better
    Develop and thrive quicker
    Be more content and happier

    What’s the philosophy behind HypnoBirthing?

    HypnoBirthing’s philosophy is that birth is a natural, normal and health event for a woman and should not be automatically viewed upon as a medical incident. It is a natural physiological process that sometimes requires medical assistance – not a medical event that sometimes happens naturally.

    It believes that when a woman is properly physically, mentally and spiritually prepared for birth, she will experience an easier, safer and more comfortable birth for herself and her baby, in a way that reveals to her the true beauty, strength and magnificence of her body’s and Nature’s capability.

    What does the ‘hypno’ part of HypnoBirthing mean?

    ‘Hypno’ refers to the naturally deepened state of relaxation that you learn to experience so that you can more easily shut out the distraction of the birthing room and connect with your inner-body and baby, to make giving birth easier.

    What difference will it make to my birth?

    HypnoBirthing enables a mother to give birth with her awareness on the fact that her body is doing all the work to birth her baby; that the perfect system is built within her, but that trust, confidence and relaxation are key to allowing that system to flow in a way that will allow birth to happen without complication and therefore free from medical intervention.

    Unfortunately, society teaches us what’s ‘normal’ in birthing today and so loads fear and negative preconceptions on top of this system, preventing it from working effectively when we need it to for a lot of women. By preparing for birth, we learn to release our negative views of birth and turn our fear, worry and uncertainty into feelings of positivity, excitement and confidence.

    HypnoBirthing course details:

    HypnoBirthing is a 5 session course and each session is 2.5 hours. I’m thrilled be able to offer the course from Pure Yoga, Charlotte Street, Macclesfield, on the following dates:

    Saturday 3rd November 10am – 12.30pm
    Saturday 10th November 10am – 12.30pm
    Saturday 17th November 10am – 12.30pm
    Saturday 24th November 10am – 12.30pm
    Saturday 1st December 10am – 12.30pm

    This is a small group course and places are limited to book early to secure your place and avoid disappointment.

    What do other parents say about the HypnoBirthing?

    “Clare, Max was born super quick on Sunday morning, after only a 3-hour labour! I honestly believe it was because I was so relaxed and calm the whole time and used my Hypnobirthing techniques. I still can’t believe how beautiful the whole experience was; Hypnobirthing is amazing.”
    Claire and Matthew Holmes

    “I do genuinely believe that if I had not had the hypnobirth experience I would not have realised the potential of my own body and how it needs to be able to ‘get on with the job in hand’ without the addition of stress which fights it all the way.”
    Samantha Alexander

    “I’ve never felt so well prepared for anything in my life! I went into labour, totally fearless. Hypnobirthing was a huge, huge, huge help.

    It was amazing, and Teddy’s birth would not have been half as fulfilling without it. I now have a new understanding of what my mind and body is capable of and know that childbirth can be a very, very positive experience.

    It was phenomenal. Even the midwife said: “I’ve never seen anyone deliver like that!” I’m so pleased that I was able to have the birth I wanted and do it my way. is much calmer. I’m so pleased I found you. Thank you!”

    View more testimonials at https://hypnobirthingwilmslow.co.uk/testimonials/

    What does is cost and what is included?

    The course fee is £295 per couple, and includes:

    In-depth Tuition – 12.5 hours of tuition from an experienced teacher and fellow HypnoBirthing mum

    Handbook – Our official course handbook – a copy of Marie Mongan’s internationally renowned book ‘HypnoBirthing™ : The breakthrough approach to safer, easier birthing’

    Course Material – a folder containing all of your HypnoBirthing resources and handouts including hypnosis scripts, from every session

    Media Material – 3 tracks: Your exclusive copies of the visualisation /relaxation and guided imagery CD complete with positive affirmations and the pre-birth family bonding track ‘Birth Rehersal’.

    Full Support – One-to-one telephone and email support from me throughout your pregnancy and beyond

    Connections – Links to other local practitioners in the area who can support and nurture you through your pregnancy and beyond (reflexologists/chiropractors/Osteotherapists etc)

    To book, please email [email protected] or telephone Clare on 07927 346 480

    A minimum deposit of £40 is required to secure your place on the course. Course fee to be settled no later than Friday 26th October (7 days prior to course start date).

    Deposit and further payments to be paid via BACS transfer.

    Bank details:
    Account name: Clare Gregory
    Account no: 44948312
    Sort code: 09-01-26″

    About Clare Gregory:

    “My motivation for teaching HypnoBirthing has always been to share this incredible knowledge and these tools for birthing, with other women, so that they may know the sheer joy that birthing confidently and gently – empowered and respected as the birthing woman, feels like.

    Since birthing my daughter 4 years ago, I have taught HypnoBirthing to couples in Cheshire, wanting to experience birth in a different way to how they hear it described so often.  Birth should be the most incredibly fulfilling, loving and empowering event any couple experiences, yet it’s certainly not like that for a lot of people.

    I am passionate about empowering couples to realise the potential and power of a woman’s body, and why it’s important to plan, prepare and direct the course of your birthing so that that your experience is a happy one!”

    HypnoBirthing in one paragraph

    HypnoBirthing childbirth preparation classes will prepare you for birthing so that no matter what turn your birthing takes, you experience it in a gentle, more confident and empowered way. It enable you to approach armed with the knowledge and tools you need to me able to quieten the mind and allow your body to ‘take-over’, as it works with your baby to accomplish birth safely, gently and comfortably – for mother and baby. With your newly gained knowledge about how work works and how your baby experiences birth, no what turn it takes, you will feel calmer, more in-control and empowered in the birthing room.

    Through HypnoBirthing, you will learn to recognise that the negative thoughts and expectations we have about our birth, through what society teaches us is ‘normal’ in birth, prevents the perfect system we have built within us, from working beautifully when we need it to.

    By changing your views about what birth is and what’s ‘normal’ in birthing, you will come to view birth as a positive and joyful event. You will learn to have trust, confidence in your body and Nature’s way of birthing, and know how to relax – all the things that are key to allowing that system to flow in a way that will allow birth to happen without complication and therefore free from medical intervention.

    You will learn to re-programme your mind about birth through an abundance of education, relaxation, affirmations, visualisations and breathing techniques.

    HypnoBirthing provides you to remember birth forever, for all the right reasons, regardless of your type of birth or setting.