• Healing Workshop with Satveer Kaur

    Healing Workshop with Satveer Kaur

    Sunday 15th of July from 5.30 to 7.30 pm – £20

    In this powerful healing workshop, Satveer provides a unique combination of restorative & meditative styles of yoga combined with the sound healing benefits of Tibetan bowls.

    A 1-hour restorative-based yoga practice will be followed by a deliciously relaxing shavasana to deeply relax the nervous system. She will then guide you through deeper states of relaxation with the celestial sounds of Tibetan bowls moving the brain waves to theta frequencies inducing meditative and peaceful mind states, and mental clarity. The sound vibrations deeply relax nervous system activating restoration/healing within mind, body and spirit.

    Come join us for the peaceful , relaxing experience !
    Relax deeply and activate deep healing within.

    Advance payment required to book your spot via bank transfer, paypal, cheque or cash at the studio. Email [email protected]

    Holistic Therapist and Yoga Teacher Satveer Kaur:

    Satveer Kaur is an International Holistic Therapist and Yoga teacher. She provides healing services such as yoga/meditation, Yoga Healing Workshops, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) energy healing sessions in the office or via SKYPE. With over fourteen years of professional experience, working in states such as California, Vermont, New York and in the UK, she has been providing energy psychology methods and healing services.

    Satveer has trained with internationally recognized yoga teacher, Vasanthi Bhat. Her professional yoga certifications also include IKYA Kundalini Yoga, Ma Yoga, and Prenatal and Rainbow Kids International.

    Satveer has positively extended her practice from studios to private home classes, psychologist and social worker offices, and schools – working with a wide range of clientele, from children to seniors.

    Teaching with a mantra of patience and compassion, Satveer has greatly helped patients suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, addictions, mood disorders, and much more, find well-deserved serenity. Her hope to soothe the mind, the main source of our stresses and pains, through multifarious healing aspects has been recognized by many, including celebrity Richard Gere.

    Satveer teaches and organises many healing workshops throughout the USA and the UK, including charity yoga events.

    Satveer’s calm person, gentle encouragement and extensive experience has earned her the pleasure of restoring inner peace for her students and clients.