• Deepening Connections – Yoga with Alison and Nigel.

    Deepening Connections – Yoga with Alison and Nigel.

    A Yoga Playshop with Alison Faith and Nigel Airey – Sunday 6 August from 1500 to 1730

    “Alison Faith and Nigel Airey are “Blue Feather Stone” and just as Yoga means Union or connection so Blue Feather Stone Yoga was born of our connection that initially spanned the continents of Africa, America and Europe.

    Now joining together in Europe, our combined approaches and styles offer a unique Yoga experience, exploring not only the Asana and philosophy of Yoga but also the flow and integration of the natural Universal energy that surrounds us both on and off the mat.

    We teach all our workshops and retreats together ensuring a varied and seamless form of presentation, increased personal attention and support combined with a balance of male and female energy throughout the practice. Oh! And a healthy sprinkling of fun!… that’s very important to us!

    Deepening connections is Blue Feather Stone’s ‘Signature’ Yoga workshop. Using Asana, Pranayama and Meditation to (re)discover and deepen our Yoga practice. Whilst each workshop is individually tailored to be relevant to the presenting group you can expect to explore the union of rhythmic breath and fluid movement, the link between the elements of earth, fire, water, air and the quality of your relationship with yourself….. and others…. and with the world that we live in…… “


    This practice will include Meditation, Pranayama, Asana (a combination of styles) and Yoga Nidra.


    Bookings: Pure Yoga Cheshire 07909 144414 – email info@pureyogacheshire.co.uk