Warm Vinyasa Yoga is practiced in a heated room (25 degrees) and it’s on Monday 6-7.15 pm.

A dynamic style of yoga that harmonizes breath & movement to improve strength, flexibility and freedom. Creating body awareness and correct alignment to maintain and promote health and longevity, and also to prevent injuries. The dynamic nature of the practice makes it perfect for those who are drawn to the physical aspect of yoga (asana or postures), and the movement linked with the breath can be enjoyed as a powerful “meditation in movement”.

Vinyasa yoga is suitable for everybody, and especially for those who have practised a little bit of yoga already. For those who are not very used to a physical practice this Yoga class is a fun introduction to develop body awareness and gradually increase fitness level; for those who are already practising a fair amount of physical activity, it is a wonderful way to balance and develop flexibility and strength.

We introduce different themes based on principles of alignment. Each class will be different, offering variety and focusing on different areas to develop a full awareness of body movement. Individual attention is always given and the fairly strong physical nature of the class is balanced with still sitting postures and to connect with the breath, inviting inner awareness. Everybody is invited to practice at their own level, and progressively we introduce more engaging postures and sequences, according to one’s strength and flexibility. We practice in a heated room (about 25 degrees) to promote flexibility and to sweat away our thoughts and worries! The chance of injury is minimized, and healing of old injuries is promoted.

Please bring a mat towel.