• Cacao Ceremony and Sacred Sound Journey with Gavin and Yasmin

    Cacao Ceremony and Sacred Sound Journey with Gavin and Yasmin

    Sunday 29th of October 2017 – From 5 to 7 pm – £25.  Space is only secured with a deposit or full advance payment.

    Intuitive sound duo Gavin and Yasmin return to Pure Yoga for a unmissable evening of sacred ceremony, sensual chocolate and soothing sounds following their magical sell out visits in October and February.

    Indigenous myth recounts how whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, cacao leaves the rainforest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to harmony. If you hear the call of this ancient art, join us for a shamanic sound journey through the elements to re-emerge refreshed, replenished and rejuvenated!

    A cacao ceremony opens the doors of the heart to deep transformation. Whichever your path, the intention of the ceremony is yours to set, and, when called upon with reverence, the cacao Deva aligns you with the insight and awareness required to move towards that shift.

    One treasure of working with ceremonial cacao is its capacity to facilitate extremely rich and often visionary, perceptive inner work. Ixcacao, the cacao Deva, has an intelligent, gentle and well-crafted means of delivery that allows participants to slip effortlessly within to explore these deep, inner terrains. After guided meditations and a shamanic sound journey through the elements, space for journalling is provided so insights can be noted – it can often take days, weeks or even months for the revelatory meaning of these whispers from the beyond to be fully understood.

     Chocolate HeartWith over one thousand chemical constituents, the bitter beans from the chocolate tree might well be the most pharmacologically complex food in nature. The alkaloids, neurotransmitters, neuromodulators, vitamins and minerals specific to cacao have a particularly nourishing effect on the human body, and these effects are amplified when using beans that have been fermented by burying underground in the traditional way.

    This ancient method of processing distinguishes ceremonial grade cacao from raw or processed chocolate powders available in health shops and supermarkets.

    About Gavin and Yasmin:

    Gavin & yasmin2 (2)Gavin is a sound healer, bodyworker and herbalist who has been crafting exquisite elixirs from these beans since 2014. Alongside his partner Yasmin, Gavin creates mystical soundscapes in a safe, strongly-held space, combining overtone singing with acoustic and sacred instruments from different cultures around the world. Instruments that may be used to guide the journey include the Reverie harp, didgeridoo, jew’s harp, koto, monochord, tambura, handpan, ocean drum, frame drum, Koshi chimes, Himalayan singing bowls, sansula and tuning forks.

    Avoid eating heavy foods before the ceremony. We have some blankets at the studio, but feel free to bring your own and a pillow to make yourself as comfortable as you can.
    Deposit required  to secure your spot – payable via bank transfer, cash or cheque. Contact us to book info@pureyogacheshire.co.uk – phone 07909144414